We are nearly there!

Credit: Aaron Birch/Unsplash

We are so excited to be launching the Better Futures Forum website. The Covid-19 crisis and the opportunity it presents is a reawakening, so it seems appropriate that we are launching the website on Easter weekend, which celebrates rebirth and resurrection in the Christian tradition.

So please take a look around and hit the subscribe button if you want to keep up to date with Forum news and updates, but we just wanted to let you know that one or two things are not quite there yet.

The email on the contact page info@bff.org.nz is still a bit glitchy and we need to hear back from the service provider to make it work. If you have tried to contact us with that email, we will not have received it yet, sorry.

You can contact us via the contact form on the contact page, however. Thanks for all of you who have already contacted us that way. We will be responding just as soon as we can.

We will also be letting you know more about who we are, on a dedicated People page. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “We are nearly there!

  1. Yes I would love to be a part of this. I am Ngāti Kahungunu and I live in Hawkes Bay. I have a Bachelor in Environmental Science from Te Wananga o Raukawa. I am proficient with Mātauranga Māori. Mynpassion is ngā awa, ngā roto.

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  2. Kia ora, this is what we need right now, great stuff! I coordinate a conservation collective in Hokianga /Waipoua, and am keen to support this kaupapa.

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  3. It is so exciting to have so many people flocking to this new initiative. This initiative is to be applauded. I have signed up. Yeah. I would love to hear about the proposed strategy. I have little confidence in lobbying and protest as we have done for 30+ years, to no/limited effect. I therefore am active in Extinction Rebellion committed to nonviolent civil disobedience to get action as it has been demonstrated to be successful and we have s little time.

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