Thank you all for your amazing response – we will be in touch soon

Well, to say the response to Better Future Forum’s launch yesterday has been overwhelming feels like a bit of an understatement … it has exceeded all our expectations!

Our inbox has been flooded with you all subscribing to the website and wanting to be involved. Thank you all for your support, and your willingness to be part of shaping a better, more resilient Aotearoa New Zealand.

Please know that your emails have been received and your offers to contribute are so appreciated. Because of the numbers of these responses, we are unlikely to be able to get back to you all individually, but we will be in touch with you soon.

So what are the next steps? In the next few days we will be sending an email out to everyone who has expressed an interest in being involved. Many of you have told us about your areas of expertise and experience, and the area in which you can contribute. We will let you know how we envisage that working, but we can tell you that it will involve many of you taking leadership roles within your own sphere of expertise. We hope you are up for the challenge!

We are so excited about this initiative and its capacity to connect New Zealanders across all sectors of the community, unified by the desire to create a groundswell for change … could this be a new dawn?

7 thoughts on “Thank you all for your amazing response – we will be in touch soon

  1. I’m keen to see how you see Māori as part of the recovery. I think you need to bring innovative and thoughtful thinkers like Matthew Tukaki, business man and CE of the NZ Māori Council, Willie Te Aho and young leaders like Shay Wright? I’m also keen to participate in these discussions.

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  2. Greta Fisher. Amazing , we are NZrs from many different countries, have skills, life experience am 86 born British proud to be a NZr Brit here over fifty years. Love NZ, have a wonderful very experiential life, anything to the Power of Good will co tribute.

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  3. Thanks for setting off up. I do t have any expertise to contribute, however I do want to see New Zealand convert from Agriculture to Horticulture for all thr reasons you already know about.
    This is hugley important when it comes to the planets future.

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  4. Kia ora, wonderful to see your efforts in collaborating with people and connecting people with shared hopes of the much needed paradigm shift. Looking forward in hearing more. 💚

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  5. Kia ora koutou – an excellent initiative to spearhead a focus on regenerative futures with a framework of equity and Te Tiriti (dont know if that is intended but is central to resilience and a responsible future Betsan Martin

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