Let the thinking begin!

We have had an amazing response to our call for experts and influencers to register for each of the working groups, which were:

  • land & water
  • transport
  • building & housing
  • infrastructure
  • energy
  • economy
  • mātauranga Māori/Te Titiri

We have also set up a group of “linkers” or “synthesisers”, who will create the links between groups and help to ensure we are working towards one cohesive proposition.

We will be in touch over the next few days to let the members of each working group know about next steps. We are very excited to be getting this process underway.

Let the thinking (and connecting) begin!

10 thoughts on “Let the thinking begin!

  1. Thank you! It would be great to have Share buttons on these posts so that the word could be spread? I have to say that to date I have not found WordPress to be easily accessed and worked with (losing track of threads etc) but willing to give it a go if you think it is better than say a Facebook page. Kind regards Martine

    On Fri, 24 Apr 2020 at 8:53 AM, Better Futures Forum wrote:

    > BFF editorial team posted: ” We have had an amazing response to our call > for experts and influencers to register for each of the working groups, > which were: land & watertransportbuilding & > housinginfrastructureenergyeconomymātauranga Māori/Te Titiri We have also > s” >

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    1. Hi Martine, thank you for your feedback on sharing. You will see there are sharing buttons at the bottom of each post for WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully they work? If you are on LinkedIn, there is also a Better Futures Forum page that the posts are pushed out to. So you may wish to share from there too if you are a member. You can also share directly from the BFF page on Facebook. Thank you for your support.


  2. We notice your omission of art, culture, heritage… Without strengthening these we will return to the warehouse sell out modus.

    Barry Thomas Artist Film maker

    On Fri, Apr 24, 2020, 08:53 Better Futures Forum wrote:

    > BFF editorial team posted: ” We have had an amazing response to our call > for experts and influencers to register for each of the working groups, > which were: land & watertransportbuilding & > housinginfrastructureenergyeconomymātauranga Māori/Te Titiri We have also > s” >

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  3. Great! Could you comment on what looks to me like a subject matter gap in the working groups – something to cover our everyday consumption and all the activity surrounding supply and disposal, including waste. Thanks.


  4. Community sufficiency could mean household sufficiency with neighbourhood centre support; household production of needs provision and integrated education, health and justice, psychosocial support services and community governance groups. Home Earning and Learning Schemes can provide multiple income streams; we can multi qual and multi role in task forces completing community projects under community plans

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  5. This is a great initiative, and thanks for the energy and effort. There are definitely some gaps for me around culture, justice, equality, and the social environment. Also, where is the natural environment represented? In land and water? housing? economy? energy? infrastructure? Hopefully the natural and social environment are integrated throughout each topic and not ‘siloed’ on their own? I imagine this is a job for the connectors and synthesisers?

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  6. I’d also like to arts and culture in here – so often missed because such vital changemaking engines in bridging between different fields and disciplines and being a fabric that connects things. Mark Amery

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  7. Kia ora tatou katoa, Greetings All,

    I am in the early stages of developing a plan – PLaN B, “PLant a Native Biofuel” – for a relatively local ‘Doughnut Economics’* scheme that could operate throughout the country, and that will disconnect Aotearoa NZ from fossil-fuels in a relatively short time. A partnership between Social-Community-and-Private Enterprise, Hapu-Iwi Organisatins plus District Councils to produce biofuel (diesel and possibly ethanol) using the latest Sierra Energy FastOx ‘Gasification’ technology …(https://www.sierraenergy.com/) … Inventor Mike Hart is already an Edmund Hillary Fellow and is actively encouraging Aotearoa NZ to become the first country in the world to be 100% fuel self-sufficient by ‘destructing’ 100% of our non-recyclable waste. (Barak Obama described Mike Hart as a “World Changer”) …

    A FastOx Gasification plant would firstly create local employment and job training in both its construction and operation phases. Pre-Covid “profitability” could be reduced in favour of ‘Four Wellbeings’ employment and community outcomes, such as fuel self-sufficiency, thriving resilient local economies, rural population growth and “feed stock” industry growth including biomass [HEMP] and sorting non-recyclable garbage, using recyclables and, all importantly, waste organic material or “our noxious and exotic biomass PLAGUE”.

    Each person employed can ‘range’ between the various jobs involved – harvesting, replanting, machine operating, processing, control room, retail sales, management – (where feasible) thus providing major employment diversity, interest and loyalty? Where Sierra Energy’s ‘Calculator’ says 13 full-time jobs, read 23 or 30! The plant might also operate on two four-day shifts of employees?

    Each area, e.g. North Hokianga, would become self-sufficient in fuel (perhaps trading diesel for ethanol from the nearest ethanol plant if required?) for the long transition out of our Western ‘Oil Addiction’.

    HARVEST – Pest weeds and trees – they are everywhere! – and old dangerous trees from the road reserve and public and private land. (Secondary income streams can be Firewood, Wood Chips and/or Compost)

    REPLANT – Natives … re-native and beautify roadsides, properties and ngahere, re-establish bird habitats, possibly pest & litter control too, landscape and retain where required. NO MORE SPRAYING!!! This scheme takes over ‘Weed Control’ in partnership with Council. Weeds become one of a raft of raw materials. (Conceivably people might be paid a nominal amount for “taking out the garbage”?

    ENABLE – A thriving Hemp biomass industry which, of course, will bolster and encourage the hundreds of other uses of Hemp. Small “Lifestyle Block” sized hemp production becomes profitable for landowners, if only as leased ‘growing space’ to a local entrepreneur (like honey bees work now).

    UTILIZE – 100% of the area’s non-recyclable ‘garbage’ and waste, including industrial waste, tyres, scrap metal, batteries, appliances … etc etc. Transport this waste the SHORTEST POSSIBLE DISTANCE for destructing.

    DISCONNECT – Aotearoa New Zealand from the global fossil-fuel industry, arguably the biggest contributor to climate change. (Biofuel alternatives are 90% – 110% more efficient depending on biomass growing cycles.

    MAINTAIN – Our existing fleet of vehicles for as long as possible, reducing demand for new and used imported vehicles (with all that entails). The Post-Covid “Ethiconomy” will almost certainly require less Internal Combustion Engined (ICE) vehicles anyhow, but even with current and increased rates of transfer to electric and hydrogen, I believe we’re still looking at a 15-30 year or longer transition if it includes full social equity – ie the affordability of alternatives. We can disconnect from Fossil-Fuels in maybe 10 years maximum, probably a lot less if we ‘fasttrack’ it?

    More links = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TEKOAzNKrE&t=3s


    file:///C:/Users/Wally/Downloads/Wally_Hicks_200426MSW0050D.pdf (a very rough calculation)

    I’d prefer this to just be ‘Public Domain’ and someone else and/or groups and organizations more capable than me to bring it to fruition.

    *Kate Raworth’s ‘Doughnut Economics’ – I also call it ‘Four Wellbeings Ethical Economics’ (in deference to our Labour-led government’s “Wellbeing Budget”) which recognizes “marketplaces” are as natural to humanity as breathing is. Hence – FWEE Market Economics!

    I want us to move to an “Ethiconomy” and towards Epidemocracy – a system of representation and more cooperative decision making that is “above” the so-called ‘democracy’ we have now. “Collaboracy”. This is the written Constitution issue, another area where Aotearoa NZ has an exemplary opportunity NOW, before our Bicentennial, to write a post-colonial Constitution of importance to almost if not all of the rest of the world – the ‘colonized world’?

    Nga mihi nui, enormous thanks for your mahi
    Wally Hicks

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