“Let’s make history together!”

By Jowan Nute, Cate Tipler and Lulu Cullen, School Strike 4 Climate

On September 27th 2019, 170,000 New Zealanders took to our streets. The crowds flew their flags, chanted in unison and demanded climate justice. Together, we formed the largest protest in New Zealand’s history.

Now, it’s time to use that passion for meaningful change. The government is currently in the process of making the crucial decisions that will determine the state of the economy and the environment for generations to come. We have an unprecedented opportunity to create a ‘new normal’ that benefits both the people and the planet. Just because we’re locked-down doesn’t mean we have to shut up, from our bedrooms and our kitchen tables, we need to act!

We were inspired by the ‘Sunrise’ movement in the United States and believe that New Zealand needs its own ‘Green New Deal’. This is our chance to completely revolutionise the economy and our country to reduce inequality, bring environmental justice and fight against climate change.

In our efforts to create this ‘Green New Deal’ we were informed of the amazing work that Better Futures Forum has already been doing and decided there was no point in running parallel processes. After all, we are much stronger when we work together. The more Climate groups, indigenous leaders and academics contributing to a ‘Green New Deal’, the better it will be. 

Let’s make history together!

* Editorial note: there are two spelling errors in the map. The authors acknowledge these, and wanted to reassure their English teachers past and present that they take spelling seriously! šŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on ““Let’s make history together!”

  1. If we are going to make cultural changes which will make us healthier and happier, we MUST address how we raise children in the first 2 years of their lives. We may not be very ‘cognitive’ yet, but the bedrock of who we become is formed then – whether we trust our own knowing in our bodies, and whether we know how to listen to our own knowing. The conditioning that happens then can be a huge factor between wisdom and greed, between peace and insecurity, between a closed consciousness and an expanding consciousness.

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  2. I’m currently watching Ron Finley “Gangsta Gardener” (on Masterclass) about how he started using urban roadside verges to grow plants, mainly for food. He is educating young people to be aware of the amount of bad things in takeaway and junk food and instead teaching how to grow fresh food. He gives simple lessons on growing and harvesting. (Note: this is not an advert, just sharing a ‘source of inspiration’ with you!.) We have community gardens developing here in NZ, but could do a lot more in many of our urban environments to supplement food, and for healthy community! It certainly looks like we desperately need it, but better late than never.

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    1. Gangsta Gardener is a wonderful resource, how he is reclaiming urban berms for food gardens. New Zealand has vast acres of pavement on streets and footpaths; let’s lobby our local councils to support reclaiming our berms NOW!
      For a great NZ demonstration of how to reclaim grass to food gardens, see Jim O’Gorman –

      Click to access Urban%20Eden%20Handout.pdf


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  3. We need to communicate what the “New Deal” really means and the Green New Deal along with that. When the Greens first bought up the idea of a green new deal a few years ago I had no idea of the history behind the term New Deal and I think many people will be like that.


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