Yes, stuff has been happening and … oops!

Photo by Bob Zuur, Moments of Flight Photography

Well, the working groups have been hard at work over the last several weeks and are reaching a big milestone with their reports (on economy, land & water, energy, transport, building & housing and infrastructure) this week.

Next week, we will start working together to bring this work into one integrated report. And it will be this that we will use as a basis for our communications and engagement. We have also been working on developing a communications and engagement strategy and have got a super-experienced comms expert on board to help us with our media outreach etc.

If you have skills in this area and would like to be involved, please get in touch!

And, in other news, (not so new to many of you!) we have a new member on our Core Group – the super-charged Mark Kroening. And we say, “super-charged”, we really mean it! Read his profile on Our People page, and you will know why!

Also – oops, sorry! We had a little, er, “glitch” with gmail and a whole lot of emails and messages from supporters ended up in the spam folder! We think we caught most of them before they got permanently deleted, but we may have missed some. If you have been in touch lately and have not heard back, then, sorry … it’s not you, it’s us … (well, gmail actually, which we have been busy re-educating).

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