Introducing Tanya Ruka, Region Net Positive

In line with our aim of connecting with other like-visioned organisations and initiatives, we are looking to profile some of our Forum members and supporters over the next months.

This post introduces Tanya Te Miringa Te Rorarangi Ruka. Tanya is of Ngati Pakau and Ngapuhi descent and is an artist and designer.

She has a strong passion for kaitiakitanga and the inherent need for humans to have a connection to nature, themes running through her art and research. Kaitiakitanga is also the driver for her new initiative Region Net Positive, which she launched last week. The initiative is in its infancy and it will need to support from people in the regenerative and wider farming community for it to work. It also needs funding to take it forward.

Tanya writes:

“The key element of my research is kaitiakitanga or stewardship and the inherent need for humans to have a connection to nature. I have been exploring this innate relationship through Matauranga Māori ancestral migrational, seasonal & navigational knowledge, cosmology & creation stories. Learning more about the plant knowledge of my Tupuna ancestors through my Great Grandmother Te Miringa Te Rorarangi’s rongoa Māori plant medicine recipes, has led me on a really fascinating journey into the realm of plants, nature and our environment. Since 2017 I have been collaborating with researchers from COCA Massey University, who are developing pathways towards native plant fibre, namely harakeke textiles and materials.”

“Currently there is no online network that is dedicated to bringing together the extensive knowledge of the natural farming community. The idea was to create an online resource also accessible to those using conventional methods. No shame, no blame, just practical real time methods and information available as an online resource. Region Net Positive will enable a quick data search through region, crop or produce, soil, water, issues and natural based solutions. It also creates an opportunity for transparency and most importantly a visible and clear supply chain, as conscious consumers this is what we have been calling for.”

Tanya is currently looking for funding to further progress this platform. So she is keen to get your ideas for sources of funding and other ways to move forward. To learn more about Net Positive Future, sign up or contact Tanya, visit

“Kohatu Tipua”, is Tanya’s video artwork currently showing on Mason Street Screen, Wellington. This artwork explores “our shared experience of the global pandemic and how it sees us emerging into a changed world”.

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