We need your help to create a Better Future, now

We want to collaborate to create a Better Future

Over the last weeks and months we have received lots of messages from many of you wanting to know how you can help achieve the Better Futures’ vision. So here is how!

In the lead-up to the election, we want our vision for a better, more resilient Aotearoa New Zealand out there. We want to create momentum for change. So we are drawing on the amazing work of our working groups as well as other initiatives that BFF members are involved in. We are now working on a manifesto which we will be launching soon.

We are looking for people who can support our mission in the following ways:

1. Are you working on a project or are you part of an organisation that is working towards a better future? If so, we would like to hear from you.

2. Do you have big ideas about a better future or ways of achieving change that you would like to share in a short article? (400 – 500 words)

3. Are you interested in interviewing people (either existing BFF members or external experts or thought-leaders) about ideas for a better future, or can you ghost write an article for someone else about their big ideas?

Artist’s impression of Melbourne as an urban forest. What’s your big idea?

4. Are you an awesome graphic designer with a little bit of time to spare to help us with our comms material?

5. Do you have capacity to help in other ways, including admin tasks or building a database of like-minded organisations?

If you are interested in helping in any of these ways, we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch via the contact form or by emailing info [at] bff.org.nz

2 thoughts on “We need your help to create a Better Future, now

  1. Heh there Mike and team. yes we are involved in exactly that. See….http://www.slc.org WE run weekend hui every summer called Sustainable Golden Bay Hui The goal of this event has been to encourage extensive discussion and sharing by community members concerned about shifting Golden Bay to a more sustainable future that involves everything from cooperative housing to expanding the concept of green businesses. So far several projects have evolved including Farming 2030 and Mohua 2040 (Sustainability Strategy).  WE also run a 10 week full time course called Sustainable Living Course based at the Centre. This utilises the wealth of great initiatives that exist in Golden Bay in terms of improving the future and living more sustainable. Im also involved in Mohua 2040 and I’m sure Debbie is communicating with you about this work.  Happy to talk more about this. Theres also lots of info on our website and our Course Director can also share more information , including blogs on various related topics if you like..Use Golden Bay Sustainable Living email to contact her (Zahra Lightway). cheersSol

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