We need to act now for a Better Future

With the election in sight, we are making a call to action. The Better Futures Forum manifesto sets out how we must act immediately to transition to a climate-neutral, zero waste economy, in which our land, water and oceans are protected and restored. We must create an equitable society that prioritises wellbeing over monetary wealth.

We make proposals across all areas of our mission: including the economy, Te Tiriti, transport and urban planning, land use and energy.

Better Future Forum founders, Mike Joy and Catherine Knight, have published an article on the Spinoff, making the case for action. Not in a few years. Not in a few months – but now.

We need your help to create momentum for change, an impetus for immediate action. You can do this by:

  1. Sharing the manifesto with your networks.
  2. Starting discussions via your networks on elements of the manifesto that most resonate with you.
  3. Writing letters to the editor alerting readers to this call to action. Make clear the urgency.
  4. Writing to your local MP or other members of political parties telling them that you want a Better Future and alerting them to the actions you are expecting to see taken by the incoming government. Make clear the urgency.
  5. Identifying ways we can collaborate with existing initiatives or organisations. We want to create momentum by pushing in the same direction as others already working towards a similar vision.

Finally, we recognise that this manifesto is just a starting point. It cannot and does not cover all the actions that need to be taken to create a more resilient and equitable future for all. But if it helps to create momentum for a transition to a Better Future, then we know that it has achieved its goal.

Please help us create this momentum for change. The time is now.

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