Upcoming limits to growth seminar

BFF followers may be interested in this upcoming seminar. Monday 20th September. Join by Zoom.

Are there biophysical limits to growth? If so, how should government respond? These questions are explored by an international panel of experts.

7 thoughts on “Upcoming limits to growth seminar

  1. Theorem about changing the macro-economic principle

    It is no longer possible to keep the economy going with the macroeconomic principle maintain growth in the development of the economy.

    That principle can be replaced with, preserve the integrity of Nature.

    The only person who can effectively and efficiently sustain this perfect state of Nature is the consumer because he can spend his money on products that leave the environment unharmed. Give the consumer a financial interest in spending his money on goods and services that Maintain the integrity of Nature, and he will do this consciously and with pleasure, not only out of financial interest but also out of self-interest. Living in harmony with Nature is good.

    Then the macroeconomic practice becomes, maintaining the integrity of Nature in the development of the economy because it is in the personal and financial interests of the consumer that this development continues to progress within the abundantly green limits of Nature.

    The ethical market economy that evolves, is explained under EmE at http://www.biosustainable.org.

    Hoeilaart, 29 August 2021 Willem Adrianus de Bruijn

    If you are interested, I will participate in the seminar.


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