We are a forum of people unified by a single objective: to seize this opportunity to transform New Zealand.

Better Futures Forum sprung out of a crisis. A crisis that will be one of many if we do not fundamentally change the way we live or use the finite resources on this planet. As the World Economic Forum concluded as the world was being consumed by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic:

“COVID-19 reflects a broader trend: more planetary crises are coming. If we muddle through each new crisis while maintaining the same economic model that got us here, future shocks will eventually exceed the capacity of governments, financial institutions, and corporate crisis managers to respond. Indeed, the “coronacrisis” has already done so.”

“Could Covid-19 give rise to a greener global future?”, World Economic Forum

Covid-19 can be interpreted as a warning to humanity of the dire consequences of not changing the way we live and use the planet’s resources, but the flipside of this “warning” is that the crisis presents us with an opportunity. In other words, to see this crisis as an opportunity to reassess the way we live and to follow a different path from the economic model that led us to this crisis in the first place.

Quoting again from the World Economic Forum:

“Governments that succeed in containing epidemics all tacitly follow the same mantra: ‘Follow the science and prepare for the future.’ But we can do much better. Rather than simply reacting to disasters, we can use the science to design economies that will mitigate the threats of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pandemics. We must start investing in what matters, by laying the foundation for a green, circular economy that is anchored in nature-based solutions and geared toward the public good.”

“Could Covid-19 give rise to a greener global future?”, World Economic Forum

Better Futures Forum is comprised of people who don’t want to passively look on and hope that others will take up the mantle of leadership and make this change; its people want to connect, empower and influence to ensure it happens.

This opportunity is too valuable to squander.

If you want to be part of making change happen, then get in touch.

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