Want less plastic in Aotearoa? Let the government know!

The government has announced a proposal to phase out a range of hard-to-recycle and single-use plastic items, and is seeking public feedback. Better Futures Forum wants to see Aotearoa move towards zero waste and a circular economy, so we have teamed up with a number of other organisations to make a joint submission, which you canContinue reading “Want less plastic in Aotearoa? Let the government know!”

What are Universal Basic Services? Join our webinar to find out more

Universal Basic Services featured in our manifesto, released last month. Now, in association with the PSA’s Let’s Do Even Better campaign, Better Futures Forum is bringing you a free webinar with leading UBS expert Andrew Percy, beaming in to us direct from London. Live webinar: 7pm, Wednesday 16 September. Andrew is co-Director of the SocialContinue reading “What are Universal Basic Services? Join our webinar to find out more”

Our growing waste problem — is product stewardship the answer?

The Government’s recent announcement declaring six “priority products” (plastic packaging, tyres, electronic waste, agrichemicals and their containers, refrigerants, and farm plastics) will kick-start a long awaited move towards regulated product stewardship in New Zealand. The policy has the potential to reduce waste and increase job opportunities. According to Green MP, Eugenie Sage, “Regulated product stewardshipContinue reading “Our growing waste problem — is product stewardship the answer?”

Thinking global, acting local (…in Motueka)

by Jen Vella A local group in Motueka (located near the northern coast of the South Island) are demonstrating how we can “walk the talk” on carbon reduction in our homes and businesses. We spoke to Heather Spence, Steve Richards and Marion van Oeveren about a grassroots initiative to both educate the local community andContinue reading “Thinking global, acting local (…in Motueka)”

We need to act now for a Better Future

With the election in sight, we are making a call to action. The Better Futures Forum manifesto sets out how we must act immediately to transition to a climate-neutral, zero waste economy, in which our land, water and oceans are protected and restored. We must create an equitable society that prioritises wellbeing over monetary wealth.Continue reading “We need to act now for a Better Future”

“The 20-minute city” – The city of the future?

It started in Portland, Oregon. It was picked up by Melbourne. Now it may be coming to a neighbourhood near you. It’s the “20 Minute City” and Professor Iain White is doing his best to bring the idea to Aotearoa New Zealand, via Hamilton.   Iain is an academic, a Professor of Environmental Planning at theContinue reading ““The 20-minute city” – The city of the future?”

Proposed resource management changes headed in right direction

Better Futures Forum – Media Release The Better Futures Forum welcomes the report of the Resource Management Review Panel, New Directions for Resource Management. The report offers the opportunity to address some of the key environmental issues facing Aotearoa New Zealand, which threaten the quality of life of both current and future generations. In particular,Continue reading “Proposed resource management changes headed in right direction”

We need your help to create a Better Future, now

Over the last weeks and months we have received lots of messages from many of you wanting to know how you can help achieve the Better Futures’ vision. So here is how! In the lead-up to the election, we want our vision for a better, more resilient Aotearoa New Zealand out there. We want toContinue reading “We need your help to create a Better Future, now”

Introducing Tanya Ruka, Region Net Positive

In line with our aim of connecting with other like-visioned organisations and initiatives, we are looking to profile some of our Forum members and supporters over the next months. This post introduces Tanya Te Miringa Te Rorarangi Ruka. Tanya is of Ngati Pakau and Ngapuhi descent and is an artist and designer. She has aContinue reading “Introducing Tanya Ruka, Region Net Positive”

We are setting up a BFF Christchurch Hub!

Great news! With Glen’s move to The Mainland next month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to set up a BFF ‘hub’ in Christchurch. We are aware that a number of our members and supporters are from Christchurch. If you would like to connect up with other Canterbury-based BFFs, please get in touchContinue reading “We are setting up a BFF Christchurch Hub!”