Proposed resource management changes headed in right direction

Better Futures Forum – Media Release The Better Futures Forum welcomes the report of the Resource Management Review Panel, New Directions for Resource Management. The report offers the opportunity to address some of the key environmental issues facing Aotearoa New Zealand, which threaten the quality of life of both current and future generations. In particular,Continue reading “Proposed resource management changes headed in right direction”

We need your help to create a Better Future, now

Over the last weeks and months we have received lots of messages from many of you wanting to know how you can help achieve the Better Futures’ vision. So here is how! In the lead-up to the election, we want our vision for a better, more resilient Aotearoa New Zealand out there. We want toContinue reading “We need your help to create a Better Future, now”

Introducing Tanya Ruka, Region Net Positive

In line with our aim of connecting with other like-visioned organisations and initiatives, we are looking to profile some of our Forum members and supporters over the next months. This post introduces Tanya Te Miringa Te Rorarangi Ruka. Tanya is of Ngati Pakau and Ngapuhi descent and is an artist and designer. She has aContinue reading “Introducing Tanya Ruka, Region Net Positive”

We are setting up a BFF Christchurch Hub!

Great news! With Glen’s move to The Mainland next month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to set up a BFF ‘hub’ in Christchurch. We are aware that a number of our members and supporters are from Christchurch. If you would like to connect up with other Canterbury-based BFFs, please get in touchContinue reading “We are setting up a BFF Christchurch Hub!”

Yes, stuff has been happening and … oops!

Well, the working groups have been hard at work over the last several weeks and are reaching a big milestone with their reports (on economy, land & water, energy, transport, building & housing and infrastructure) this week. Next week, we will start working together to bring this work into one integrated report. And it willContinue reading “Yes, stuff has been happening and … oops!”

Taking the best from”lockdown life”

Many of us have been asking ourselves what we can keep from “lockdown life”. If enough of use choose to live, work and consume differently, it could make a sustained difference – as well as enhancing our own wellbeing. Once again proving that a picture tells a thousand words, we spotted these great little graphicsContinue reading “Taking the best from”lockdown life””

New freshwater direction sacrifices future for short term profit

Better Future’s Forum founder Dr Mike Joy has written a hard-hitting piece for The Conservation. Upshot: he is dismayed that the government has pulled back from placing meaningful nutrient limits on farming operations, despite expert advice to do so. Here is an excerpt from his article. Link to full article below. New Zealand’s government hasContinue reading “New freshwater direction sacrifices future for short term profit”

Whoa, that’s pretty out there! … or is it?

There was a fair bit of “free thinking” going on while we will all in lock-down, with a lot of us imagining returning to a different New Zealand than the one we came from pre-Covid. But now that things are getting back to “normal”, it seems so has our thinking… So, here at BFF, weContinue reading “Whoa, that’s pretty out there! … or is it?”

New Zealand in one year’s time

An alternative vision – by Dr Mike Joy Now that we have reached May 2021, it is easy to see that Covid-19 was our wake-up call. People of all nations took note that it was only the countries who trusted independent science whose lives and economies were saved. So what else had independent science been tellingContinue reading “New Zealand in one year’s time”

Govt must use recovery funds to help NZ transition to a low-emissions economy

The Government must use recovery funds to help New Zealand transition to a low-emissions and climate-resilient economy, says Lawyers for Climate Action NZ. The group, which has goals closely aligned with the Better Futures Forum, has written to the government urging them to make climate a key factor in decision-making. In its media release, theContinue reading “Govt must use recovery funds to help NZ transition to a low-emissions economy”