New freshwater direction sacrifices future for short term profit

Better Future’s Forum founder Dr Mike Joy has written a hard-hitting piece for The Conservation. Upshot: he is dismayed that the government has pulled back from placing meaningful nutrient limits on farming operations, despite expert advice to do so. Here is an excerpt from his article. Link to full article below. New Zealand’s government hasContinue reading “New freshwater direction sacrifices future for short term profit”

New Zealand in one year’s time

An alternative vision – by Dr Mike Joy Now that we have reached May 2021, it is easy to see that Covid-19 was our wake-up call. People of all nations took note that it was only the countries who trusted independent science whose lives and economies were saved. So what else had independent science been tellingContinue reading “New Zealand in one year’s time”

A New New Zealand

by Dr Mike Joy This article was originally published on Pure Advantage. It is clear to ecologists and many others that the COVID-19 pandemic is not a one off ‘bolt from the blue’. Rather, it is a symptom of our over-exploitation of the life-supporting capacity of the planet. It is a warning sign of ourContinue reading “A New New Zealand”