“The 20-minute city” – The city of the future?

It started in Portland, Oregon. It was picked up by Melbourne. Now it may be coming to a neighbourhood near you. It’s the “20 Minute City” and Professor Iain White is doing his best to bring the idea to Aotearoa New Zealand, via Hamilton.   Iain is an academic, a Professor of Environmental Planning at theContinue reading ““The 20-minute city” – The city of the future?”

Taking the best from”lockdown life”

Many of us have been asking ourselves what we can keep from “lockdown life”. If enough of use choose to live, work and consume differently, it could make a sustained difference – as well as enhancing our own wellbeing. Once again proving that a picture tells a thousand words, we spotted these great little graphicsContinue reading “Taking the best from”lockdown life””

New Zealand in one year’s time

An alternative vision – by Dr Mike Joy Now that we have reached May 2021, it is easy to see that Covid-19 was our wake-up call. People of all nations took note that it was only the countries who trusted independent science whose lives and economies were saved. So what else had independent science been tellingContinue reading “New Zealand in one year’s time”