“Let’s make history together!”

By Jowan Nute, Cate Tipler and Lulu Cullen, School Strike 4 Climate On September 27th 2019, 170,000 New Zealanders took to our streets. The crowds flew their flags, chanted in unison and demanded climate justice. Together, we formed the largest protest in New Zealand’s history. Now, it’s time to use that passion for meaningful change.Continue reading ““Let’s make history together!””

BFF welcomes our next-generation leaders into the fold

We are really pleased to announce that Better Futures Forum is joining forces with School Strike 4 Climate. Representatives from SS4C will be joining our working groups and core group, ensuring that, as a forum, we will also reflect the voice of our next-generation leaders. And in case you think that these are just aContinue reading “BFF welcomes our next-generation leaders into the fold”