What if we could understand a product’s environmental impacts at a glance?

Planetary Facts Labelling Dr Kate Meyer is founding director of the Planetary Accounting Network, a framework that helps people, businesses and governments to make decisions that will revitalise and sustain our environment. In this article Kate shares her thoughts on the environmental cost of the festive season and introduces ‘Planetary Facts Labelling’, whereby a consumerContinue reading “What if we could understand a product’s environmental impacts at a glance?”

Thinking global, acting local (…in Motueka)

by Jen Vella A local group in Motueka (located near the northern coast of the South Island) are demonstrating how we can “walk the talk” on carbon reduction in our homes and businesses. We spoke to Heather Spence, Steve Richards and Marion van Oeveren about a grassroots initiative to both educate the local community andContinue reading “Thinking global, acting local (…in Motueka)”

Yes, stuff has been happening and … oops!

Well, the working groups have been hard at work over the last several weeks and are reaching a big milestone with their reports (on economy, land & water, energy, transport, building & housing and infrastructure) this week. Next week, we will start working together to bring this work into one integrated report. And it willContinue reading “Yes, stuff has been happening and … oops!”

Whoa, that’s pretty out there! … or is it?

There was a fair bit of “free thinking” going on while we will all in lock-down, with a lot of us imagining returning to a different New Zealand than the one we came from pre-Covid. But now that things are getting back to “normal”, it seems so has our thinking… So, here at BFF, weContinue reading “Whoa, that’s pretty out there! … or is it?”

Let the thinking begin!

We have had an amazing response to our call for experts and influencers to register for each of the working groups, which were: land & water transport building & housing infrastructure energy economy mātauranga Māori/Te Titiri We have also set up a group of “linkers” or “synthesisers”, who will create the links between groups andContinue reading “Let the thinking begin!”

So, what’s next?

This post is just to let you know that today we have been in touch with everyone who indicated they would like to contribute to the Forum’s work, setting out next steps. We had so many enthusiastic responses that it is quite possible that we missed one or two of you (if so, we areContinue reading “So, what’s next?”

A New New Zealand

by Dr Mike Joy This article was originally published on Pure Advantage. It is clear to ecologists and many others that the COVID-19 pandemic is not a one off ‘bolt from the blue’. Rather, it is a symptom of our over-exploitation of the life-supporting capacity of the planet. It is a warning sign of ourContinue reading “A New New Zealand”